Dave Balzer, B.A.

Fields of Specialization

  • Factorial Surveys
  • Sociology of Arts and Culture
  • Quantitative Methods

Curriculum Vitae

Since 10/2019: Research and Teaching Fellow, Chair of Social Stratification (Prof. Dr. Gunnar Otte), University of Mainz
04/2017: Degree as B.A. in Sociology. Topic of the Bachelor’s Thesis: “Temporal and cross-regional (east-west) comparison of overweight and obesity prevalence in Germany. Theory-driven analyses using data of the German General Social Survey”
12/2016–09/2019:Student Research Assistant in the project “Cultural Education and Cultural Participation in Germany”, Chair of Social Stratification (Prof. Dr. Gunnar Otte), University of Mainz
Since 04/2014: Academic Studies in Sociology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
2013–2014: Professional activity as a paramedic
2010–2013: Vocational training as a paramedic
2010: Abitur (A-levels)

Presentations at Scientific Congresses and Conferences

2019:Social cleavages in the dramatic arts. Measuring legitimacy and visiting intentions of theater performances with a factorial survey. @8th ESRA Conference. Zagreb, 15.–19.07.2019 (with Gunnar Otte and Luisa Wingerter).
2018:Primary and secondary effects of social origin at the transition to tertiary education. A comparison of different strategies of controlling for ability. @3rd International NEPS Conference. Bamberg, 22./23.11.2018 (with Gunnar Otte).
2017:Mit der Wünschelrute zur Sonntagsmesse? Religion und das Experimentieren mit paranormalen Angeboten @ALLBUS Nachwuchskonferenz 2017. Cologne, 25./26.09.2017.